Hybrid Energy Solutions is committed to the integration of various energy sources such as photovoltaics, wind turbines, fuel cells or diesel generators in hybrid energy supply systems.

We are your professional system technology partner when it comes to scalable future-proof energy systems boasting excellent prospects for remote industrial, hybrid installations starting at 300 kW (HES Industrial). We are also the ones to turn to for classic stand-alone grids starting at 2-300 kW to supply energy to rural, off-grid regions (HES Residential). 

We provide our customers with complete support, from the initial planning phase all the way to system commissioning. Even while operating the system, our Service team is always there to provide you with assistance. Our innovative products ensure a reduction in energy production costs, a higher level of system stability and reduced emissions, even in the most difficult climate conditions. Taking country-specific legal requirements into consideration, our systems can be installed worldwide and expanded on a modular basis at any time.

Efficient, tailor-made and environmentally friendly. Clean energy. Anywhere. 


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